Westport Calendar ~ November 2019 & Beyond

The following events are taken from the community calendar in the latest edition of the Westport Wave. Calendar suggestions can be sent to WVS for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Thursday, October 31st – Halloween

Friday, November 1st – All Saints’ Day

Saturday, November 2nd – All Souls’ Day (Day of the Dead)

Saturday, November 2nd – Pie and Other Things Pumpkin Contest, 4:00PM, Westport Hotel/Pub

Sunday, November 3rd – Daylight Saving Time Ends, 2:00AM (set clocks BACK one hour)

Tuesday, November 5th – Westport Municipal Advisory Council Meeting CANCELLED.

Thursday, November 7th – Bookmobile, 9:00AM-9:30AM, Westport Community Store.

Saturday, November 9th – Westport County Water District Monthly Board Meeting, 10:00AM, Westport Firehouse

Saturday, November 9th – Sea Vegetable Workshop CANCELLED

Sunday, November 10th – Massage class by Katrina Aschenwender at Westport Community Hall, 3:00-4:30 PM.

Monday, November 11th – Veterans’ Day

Tuesday, November 12th – Full Moon, 5:34AM

Wednesday, November 13th – Westport Ten Mile Cemetery Board meeting at 10 AM at the Westport Community Church.

Thursday, November 14th – Westport Community Church Board meeting at 11:00 AM at the Church.

Wednesday, November 13th – Westport Volunteer Fire Department Monthly Meeting, 6:00PM, Firehouse

Sunday, November 17th – Monthly Thich Nhat Hahn Discussion Group, 10:00AM, Westport Community Church

Thursday, November 21st – Bookmobile, 9:00AM-9:30AM, Westport Community Store

Sunday, November 24th – Monthly Quaker Worship Group, 10:00AM, Westport Community Church

Tuesday, November 26th – New Moon, 7:05AM

Thursday, November 28th – Thanksgiving Day

Saturday December 7th—Weiss holiday party at the Switzer-Fee House, 3;30-7 PM

Sunday December 15th—History talk and book signing by Katy Tahja at Community Hall


Westport Community Center

The Westport Community Church encourages community events in the Church and Community Hall buildings. You can sign up to use the Church or Community Center buildings at the Store by adding them to the calendar. Please check with Val at 489-6380 if you want to schedule an event.