Westport Calendar ~ September 2020 & Beyond

Community gatherings for meetings, classes and other events can resume carefully with social distance of 6 feet and masks required. This Calendar provides the latest information we have:

Tuesday, September 1st – Westport Municipal Advisory Council Monthly Meeting CANCELLED (see http://www.westportmac.org/)

Tuesday, September 1st – Full Moon, 10:22PM

Thursday, September 3rd – Bookmobile, 9:30AM-10:00AM, Westport Store (service outside of Bookmobile only)

Monday, September 7th – Labor Day

Wednesday, September 9th – Westport Volunteer Fire Department Monthly Meeting, 6:00PM (call Chief Dan Maxey at (707) 357-4353 to attend remotely)

Saturday, September 12th – Westport County Water District Monthly Board Meeting, 10:00AM, Westport Hotel

Saturday, September 12th – Family Movie Night, 7:00PM, Field Behind Westport Church, (page 4)

Sunday, September 13th – Grandparents Day

Sunday, September 13th – Monthly Westport Church Thich Nhat Hahn Discussion Group CANCELLED

Thursday, September 17th – New Moon, 4:00AM

Thursday, September 17th – Bookmobile, 9:30AM-10:00AM, Westport Store (service outside of Bookmobile only)

Friday, September 18th – Rosh Hashanah Begins At Sundown

Sunday, September 20th – Monthly Westport Church Quaker Worship Group CANCELLED

Sunday, September 20th – Rosh Hashanah Ends At Sundown

Tuesday, September 22nd – FALL EQUINOX, 6:30AM 

Saturday, September 27th –Yom Kippur Begins At Sundown

Thursday, October 1st – Full Moon, 2:05PM

Friday, October 2nd – Westport Village Society Annual Meeting, 7:00PM, Zoom Teleconference


Calendar suggestions can be sent to WVS for inclusion in the next newsletter and website update.