Community Resources

This page provides links and resources that may be of interest to the local community and others who are involved in land conservation, interpretation, local history, economic localization (a list of local service providers will be posted soon) and other issues. This page is under construction, so please return again later to see additional content we have posted!

The County is currently preparing (in the summer of 2020) an Economic Resiliency Plan and local input is being organized by the Westport Municipal Advisory Council (WMAC). We provide three items of local interest:

1. A example of a plan by Gualala: GMAC Economic Plan (pdf file)

2. A listing of Westport Businesses, Skills, and Events: Westport Ecoconomic Resources (Excel file)

3. A draft of Westport's Economic Resiliency Plan prepared July 31, 2020 by the Westport Municipal Advisory Council.

Service Providers in Our Community

This list of local service providers is shared for your convenience with the aim of fostering economic localization. Listing here does not constitute a recommendation by the WVS. This list was prepared in 2010 and may be out of date.