Westport Headlands Park

The Westport Village Society acquired the nine-acre headlands property in the center of the village in 2000 with the generous assistance of the State Coastal Conservancy. The property was improved in 2005 with a trail and overlook accessible by disabled persons; an informal trail system that includes a footbridge over a season stream in the center of the property; and a stairway that offers access to Eddie White Beach for recreation and fishing. A Management Plan was developed to guide conservation and the development of public access facilities at the site.


* The Headlands Park is open from sunrise to sunset only.
* Pack your own garbage out.
* No vehicular entry except by permit.
* No camping.
* No fires, fireworks, or firearms.
* Pandemic: Wear masks when you cannot socially distance, such as going up or down the stairs.
* Rules for Kayaks/Boats: Day use only at your own risk. Please excercise caution.
* Overnight Boat storage on beach is only allowed by permit. Permit Applications should be submitted to WVS.

Managing Exotic Plants

We have an ongoing program to control invasive plants and bolster native plants and habitats. You can download this map and strategy for adressing key invasive plant infestations we are targeting for rehabilitation in 2021 and beyond. If you'd like to help, please contact WVS. We are having a work party every Third Saturday from 10-1 with donuts and other treats provided to volunteers who lend a hand.

Headlands History

The property formerly served as a ship landing from 1878 until 1930. Two piers projected out onto offshore rocks to provide access to small "dog hole" schooners that brought supplies and transported timber products to markets in San Francisco and other destinations. Preserving and sharing the story of this ship landing and the history of the local area are an ongoing WVS project. Please visit the history page for more details about this ongoing research program.

This park is also used for community events such as the annual Westport Volunteer Fire Department's summer fundraising BBQ. Private events such as weddings may be held only with advance permission from WVS, and this event application may be used to apply for a permit. The application and questions about the permit process may be submitted by email using the following link: WVS. Events must comply with the terms of a permit, which include recognition that the park remains open to the public during any events held there. We appreciate your respectful use of this treasured community asset!

Please contact WVS wiht questions and concerns.