WVS Projects

The Westport Village Society actively pursues projects that are consistent with the mission and goals of the organization. We rely on our members and other volunteers to carry out all of our activities. If you would like to contribute your energy and talents to our organization, please contact WVS. We welcome new ideas! We have supported the local school, community church, and Westport Volunteer Fire Department in various ways. Our major activities have focused on the following projects

Westport Headlands

The most substantial undertaking pursued to date was the acquisition and improvement of the Westport Headlands, which require ongoing management attention by our dedicated volunteers. This nine acre parcel serves as the "commons" of the town, providing access to the coast for recreation, subsistence fishing, and community events. We would like to initiate a program to more actively manage invasive vegetation and promote the growth of native species. If you are interested in helping maintain the property and manage invasive plants, please contact Director Steve Brigham. In keeping with our mission to support public access, we are developing a natural playground for children and their families and recently installed a sculptural bench with an ocean view.

Community Center

WVS supports the development of a community center that can accommodate diverse village events and activities and has been pursuing options for some time. A WVS committee has been meeting regularly to develop a long range vision for a Community Center and assessing options. The committee is also working to encourage expanded programming of events. A fund has been established to support this project and donations of funding and effort are appreciated. To date, the WVS has funded conversion of the old school into a Recreation Center and acquired comfortable chairs for use in the Westport Community Church. A schedule for recreation center classes is included on the Calendar each month.

Community Garden

The Westport Community Garden project is underway on the grounds of the Church and School on Pacific Avenue thanks to Steve Brigham and others! It is a self-serve organically grown garden that anyone can visit to help out and/or gather your own vegetables and salad greens!  Although we're currently using donated giant containers and we're still in our initial "primitive phase," the plan for the new Westport Community Garden is to have professional-looking raised beds full of a big variety of organically grown fresh vegetables and flowers at all times of the year -- and this can happen with your help!  Watch for updates in the Westport Wave and contact Director Steve Brigham if you'd like to help.

Mini Grant Program

WVS initiated a mini grant pram in 2014 to support activities and events that benefit the community. A total of five projects were funded in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. This program will continue to provide support for local cultural enrichment activities. You can use this application to request funding for local community enrichment activities.

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program

During the past few years WVS has supported a progam of neighbor-to-neighbor assistance instigated by an informal group of local activists. This informal activity has provided a wide variety of assistance to neighbors with funding and organized assistance from volunteers. We would like to acknowledge the leadership provided by Director Gary Quinton for this valuable ongoing program. If you need a helping hand or are interested is offering your help to neighbors, please contact WVS. All inquiries are treated confidentially.

Local History Project

WVS has a longstanding involvement in preserving local history and several resources are posted on our history to assist you in researching local history and geneology. In 2012 WVS engaged in a cooperative effort with the Kelley House Museum to publish a new history of the local area. That history book can be acquired at the Westport Community Store or can be mailed to you upon receipt a of a written request. See the history page for details.