Westport Village Society Meetings


Board Meeting ~ Coming up on Saturday January 19, 2019 at 9 AM

WVS Board meetings occur the third Saturdays in January, April, July and October. These meetings start at 9:00 AM and occur at the Westport Church. Agendas are posted below and on the community bulletin board several days before each meeting. Members and the interested public are always welcome to joins us and share ideas. If you would like to place something on the agenda, please contact the President.

Annual Member Meeting ~ Coming up on Friday October 4, 2019

The WVS holds an annual meeting for its members on the first Friday in October. The next one will be held on October 4, 2019. We encourage you to join the WVS. All are welcome to join and attend our meetings. The Annual Member Meeting begins with a social at 6:30 PM at the Community Church with snacks and refreshments, followed by a meeting at 7:00 PM to review WVS activities of the past year, vote for people to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors, and to discuss ideas for projects and other activities for the coming year. See the October 1, 2019 newsletter for statements of people who have announced their canidacy. Anyone can join the WVS, but only members that live or own property in our service area are qualified to vote for Directors. The following link shows the WVS membership area.

Other Meetings

Several committees appointed by the WVS Board hold meetings to address special projects and administrative tasks. The Community Center Committee chaired by Sarah Mathias has been exploring the community's desires for expanded programming and new facilities. A Headlands committee chaired by Director Steve Brigham works on issues related to maintenence of the Westport Headlands Park. Executive and Fundraising committees also meet as needed to accomplish administrative and fundraisong functions. Those meetings are listed in the Calendar published in the Newsletter every month and we encourage community participation.

Agendas and Minutes:

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