WVS Projects

The Westport Village Society pursues a variety of projects that are consistent with the mission and goals of the organization. We rely on our members and other volunteers to carry out all of our activities. If you would like to contribute your energy and talents to our organization, please contact WVS. We welcome new ideas! We have supported the local school, community church, and Westport Volunteer Fire Department in various ways. Our major activities have focused on the following projects:


DeHaven Headlands

On December 10, 2021 WVS secured a once in a generation opportunity to conserve a local 26 acre oceanfront property on the west side of State Route 1 across from Branscomb Road. Based on strong community support the WVS Board voted unanimously to to pursue the acquisition. On March 16, 2022 a purchase agreement was signed and soon after escrow was opened. The accquisition hinges on award of a grant from the California Coastal Conservancy. We are very grateful to over 50 generous donors who have helped us raise more than $25k over the past 6 months!! Our fundraisisng for the project continues. Checks should be made out to Westport Village Society with a memo “DeHaven.”  Mail them to PO Box 446, Westport CA, 95488. 

If you want to help, letters of support will make a difference. They should be sent to the Coastal Conservancy asking the Board of Governors to approve the grant WVS has applied for. Use the following link to download an information packet with a sample letter.

Westport Headlands

The most substantial undertaking pursued to date was the acquisition and improvement of the Westport Headlands. Ongoing maintenance is carried out by our dedicated volunteers. This nine acre parcel serves as the "commons" of the town, providing access to the coast for recreation, subsistence fishing, and community events. We would like to initiate a program to more actively manage invasive vegetation and promote the growth of native species. If you are interested in helping maintain the property and manage invasive plants, please contact WVS.

Community Center

WVS supports the existing community center with equipment and sponsors activities and events there. We are also exploring alternatives for a more robust Community Center. Scheduled community activities are listed in the Calendar each month.

Community Garden

The Westport Community Garden is undertaken by volunteers on the grounds of the Church on Abalone Street with support from WVS! It is a self-serve organically grown garden. Anyone can visit to gather your own vegetables and salad greens and lend a hand!  We're currently using donated giant containers and raised beds, wiht part of hte area covered in a hoop greenhouse. We're raising a large variety of organically grown fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers at all times of the year. If you'd like to help, weeding and watering are always appreciated as the need arises. Please contact WVS to assist with planting and major improvements.

Mini Grant Program

WVS initiated a mini grant pram in 2014 to support activities and events that benefit the community. This program continues to support for local cultural enrichment activities, the community garden, and other WVS projects. You can use this application to request funding for local community enrichment activities.

Local History Project

WVS has a longstanding involvement in preserving local history and several resources are posted on our history to assist you in researching local history and geneology. In 2012 WVS engaged in a cooperative effort with the Kelley House Museum to publish a history of the local area. That book can be acquired at the Westport Community Store or requested from WVS. See the history page for details.