Westport Village Society Meetings

Annual Member Meeting ~ Friday October 4, 2024

The WVS holds an annual meeting for its members on the first Friday in October. This membership year it will take place on October 4, 2024 at the Community Center at 24900 Abalone Street in Westport. A social mixer will start at 6:30pm and we encourage you to bring healthy snacks, treats, and non-alcoholic beverages to share. Please take any recommended health precautions to keep our community safe. The Annual Meeting will commence at 7:00 pm or you can join by ZOOM. The Meeting Packet for the 2023 Annual Meeting can be viewed for information typically included such as how to join WVS and a ballot for members who live or own property in the WVS area and have paid dues within the past year. Ballots are mailed to qualified members two weeks before this meeting and will be counted if they arrive by mail on or before the meeting date or delivered in person at the meeting. Contact WVS if you have any questions.

Quarterly Board Meetings ~ July 24, 2024 Quarterly Meeting

The regular Quarterly WVS Board meetings are the fourth Wednesdays in January, April, July and October at 6:30 PM in person at the Community Center and also accessible via Zoom. Special Board Meetings are also held as needed to address specific topics. Agendas are posted below several days before each meeting. Contact WVS for details about how you may participate. Members and the interested public are always welcome to joins us and share ideas. The Zoom link for the 7/24/2024 is provided here: Zoom Link.

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